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NGE Elder Robes Space GCW Witches of Dathomir Rare Loot System Trading Card Game Jump To Lightspeed

353 Custom Content Dedicated Community Focus Solo Small Group Bio Engineer Revamp Roleplay Custom Loot Custom Dungeons Discord Integration

Jedi Enabled Custom Content Dedicated Staff NGE Housing Regular Events Publish 10

Pre CU Publish 10 Custom Content NGE Content Events Jedi Enabled

Dedicated Events Custom Content NGE Jedi Enabled

Jump to Lightspeed Trials of Obi Wan NGE Space Rare Loot System Ground Rare Loot System Events Custom Content Veteran System Rage of the Wookiees Jedi Trials Elder Robes

NGE MMO SWG Jedi Enabled Custom Content PVP PVE Star Wars Galaxies

jedi enabled Publish 7 custom Content NGE Items

Jedi Enabled Publish 7 Custom Content Publish 8 NGE Housing NGE Vehicles Black Market Dealers Experienced Community New User Helper Custom Quests

Jedi Enabled Clone Wars Era Custom Content Stable Server Events Dedicated and Fair Staff Custom Jedi Unlock QoL Improvements NGE CU and New Items Publish 10