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Discord Discord
Version An Empire Divided
Type Solo Jedi Enabled Pve Rare Loot System
Location United States
Last Update11 Oct 2023
Join Date10 Oct 2023


TLDR: I created mySWG as a single-player server for myself then decided to share it online so other like-minded players might enjoy what I've created. mySWG is a Single-player/PvE/Jedi-focused, fun server with QoL improvements to promote a relaxed, fast-paced experience. PVE Combat was completely overhauled to be more like PVP. I borrowed lots of ideas from early Pre-CU (2003) version of the game with some of my own twists. I am self-taught C++ just for this project, driven by my passion for old-school SWG. I am not a programmer but have been writing creative code for this server for over 5 years now. All of my edits are code-based, I will not make any TRE changes that would require a patch. Each iteration of my server has lasted approximately 6 months before I made changes that required wipe. This version I have no plans for any major overhauls that would require a wipe. I used to have my server listed in the SWGEmu forum's server listing section but unknowingly broke a donation rule, promptly rectified it, but they still have not restored my post so I am starting to advertise in new locations.


The Changes:

Join us on discord: (This is where I post constant updates)

HOW TO CONNECT: use swgemu launchpad to add this to your server list, or edit the login.cfg


port: 2082

***patches from other servers will break your game so use a clean install.

autoregistration is enabled, please do not abuse this I hate manually adding new accoutns.

Server is provided AS IS. This is a TEST SERVER I am still making changes so please keep that in mind. I reserve the right to take down the server whenever I so choose.


the only mod I recommend (for authentic precu saber trails):

Enhanced SWGEmu Saber Trails -


my repository:


server specs:

VM running on: amd 5500u, 16gb ram, 1tb ssd

USA central, comcast 1.2gigabit

I am the only admin