Attack of the Clones

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Version An Empire Divided
Type Pvp Custom Content Jedi Enabled UniqueJediSystem CustomLoot CustomArmor UniqueBHSystem GroupContent
Location United States
Last Update01 Feb 2021
Join Date29 Jul 2020



Combat -2x | Crafting- 10x | Social - 5x | Jedi - 1x

Experience is not split, players can both group grind and level multiple weapon classes on the same mob(s). 

XP requirements have been reduced for many classes. 

Quality of Life Changes

· PvP and PvE leaderboards integrated into the website

· PvP and PvE leaderboards integrated into the website

· Shuttles always on ground, starports 2 min down, 40 seconds up

· Galaxy wide group and guild invites

· Galaxy Harvester connected

· Harvesters have been updated, scaling all the way to 130 BER with 5 lots.

· Server first badges with your name on the website for professions, theme parks and more.

· War Renown Vendors, players can exchange currency earned via PvP for loot rolls 

· Wound healing added to the War Renown Vendors. This vendor also provides full wounds for leveling Medic/Entertainer.

· Added new loot and schematics - this will continue to be an on going thing



· Armor Cap reduced from 90% to 70%

· Players are permanently buffed. Doctor buffs will add a small percentage, and entertainer buffs now provide a small accuracy buff, an XP buff and a Mind pool buff

· No Mind incaps

· Healing costs Mind

· Doctor and Combat Medic Medicine Use grant decreased heal cost

· Doctors are now crafters and buffers/healers. All of CM crafting has been moved to Doctor

· Doctor Buffs have been modified due to the permanently buffed state. ABEC’s have been removed from buff pack crafting. Health and Action can be “Janta’d” and secondaries were given increased quantity to make up for no ABEC

· CM is now solely a combat class

· Smuggler reworked to be a more viable combat class

· SL has been reworked to be a more viable combat class 

· Intimidate reduction reduced from 50% to 25%

· Working taunt added for tanking in PvE

· Adaptive DOT abilities that do increased damage in PvE

· BH/Visibility has been revamped. ALL players can be hunted. However only Jedi generate visibility by default. Non-Jedi can be hunted once they achieve the 7th Faction Rank. Users can view their eligibility by right clicking a BH terminal

· Exceptional and Legendary drops now have a 1.2 and 1.3 modifier – no more “God” weapons ruining the balance in PvP

· DoT weapon drops have been nerfed substantially



· The Jedi unlock has been customized.

· The Village is still in however all requirements have been extremely reduced and the phase time is now 3 days

· Jedi are now based on the *7 Forms of Lightsaber Combat 

· Players now choose their form and a Mastery (Healer/Defender/Powers/Sentinel)



· Restuss city (Rori) is now a fully functional PvP zone. 

Both factions can fly directly into the zone but will be immediately marked as OVERT.

Neutrals will be teleported outside of the zone when flying in and can use the nearby Smugglers Shuttle but will not be able to enter Restuss without joining a faction. Additionally the Separatist faction has a small Shuttleport/outpost outside the city.

All generic mobs have been replaced with faction appropriate mobs. These are placed strategically to not be involved in all major areas but still add to the environment.

On top of these GCW faction mobs, we've added a handful of "boss" mobs. These are considerably weaker than their counterparts outside of the PvP zone however they still have the same (if not better) loot! 

· Nightbrothers 

These new NPC can be found on Yavin4 and Dathomir

· Death Watch / Mandalorians 

The Death Watch have increased in numbers, they've branched out to Yavin4 as well as **Lok

· Underworld / Shadow Collective

· The seedy underworld of the Star Wars universe is at full display on Attack of the Clones. Players can find various new criminal elements spread across the galaxy


· Many planets have new and difficult world bosses



*AOTC Currently has 5 Forms and all 4 Masteries available to play. Due to the extreme balancing act that is SWG, we are slowly rolling these out. More information to come. 

Change Logs
27 Oct 2020

Patch Notes 10/27/20
Increased acceleration, top speed and turn rate on Barc, Stap, AV21 and Jetpack
Added Barc and Stap Speeder schematics as loot drops
Added Powerplants as loot drops
Added 3 new Krayt world bosses to Tatooine
Added Black Market Armor Layers
Small buff to Nightsister Armor Layers, Nightbrother Armor Layers and Beskar Armor Layers

Jedi Form 3 added.
Form 3 is a more defensive form than 1 and 2 but may lack somewhat in damage.