Silkroad Online Job Temple Servers

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Job Temple Silkroad Online Server List + Add New Server

Cap 130 degree 14 Free Silk Auto Events FGW Job Based Job Temple Quests New Avatars New Skills

Cap 110 Battle Arena Auto Events Cheap Silk CTF FGW Free Silk Job Temple Old School New Avatars

1.418 Auto Events Cap 130 Coins System D15 Cheap Silk Daily Events FGW New Avatars Job Temple International

Cap 100 Balanced Battle Arena CTF Job Temple play 2 win

Balanced Job Based Job Temple PvE Customs Auto Events Battle Arena New Avatars Cap 120 D12

Cap 90 Mid Rate Only Chin Job Temple

Cap 110 Auto Events Battle Arena Coins System CTF FGW Freetoplay PvE Old school Job Temple

Cap 110 Free Silk Auto Events Job Temple Freetoplay Old school

Cap 110 D11 Sro Auto Events Job Based Job Temple Balanced Daily Events Old school Low Rate

Cap 110 Auto Events Balanced Battle Arena Coins System Daily Events FGW Free Silk Job Temple Low Rate

Cap 110 Battle Arena Coins System Free Silk Old school Job Based Job Temple Sro Trading Balanced

Cap 100 Auto Events Battle Arena Cheap Silk CTF Free Silk Coins System High Rate Job Temple New Avatars

Cap 110 Battle Arena Balanced Customs D11 FGW Freetoplay Job Temple Low Rate Old school

Cap 90 Only Chin D9 Mid Rate Job Temple Trading Vote System Scripted Events PvP PvE

Cap 100 D10 Free Silk Job Based Job Temple Mid Rate International Old school Only Chin Sro

Cap 110 Auto Events Coins System CTF D11 Job PvE PvP International Job Temple

Cap 110 Cheap Silk Coins System Battle Arena FGW Free Silk Job Temple Pve X Pvp instant level 110 Scripted Events