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Type Cap 110 Free Silk
Location Germany
Last Update23 May 2022
Join Date14 May 2022


Hello everyone. Wanted to introduce You with our server - Baltic SRO. Let’s be honest, we do not offer any impossible features, but we do offer stable, balanced, fun and secure long term server. Game is based on vsro188 files with modifications to make game even more fun. So prepare yourselves and let the journey begin.


Alchemy | Max +12(14 ADV)
Alchemy rate | 2x
Battle Arena | Enabled
Cap | 110
Degree | 11
Exp Party | 150x
Exp Solo | 100x
FGW | Enabled
Fortress Time | SundayFortress war | Hotan
Guild limit | 24
Honor Buff | Job Based
IP Limit | 8
Item Drop | 5x
Masteries CH/EU | 330/220
PC Limit | 4
Race | Chinese & Europe
Union limit | 1
Custom Events | Enabled

´╗┐Starting Items

5000x HP & MP Pots
30x Reverse Return Scroll
50x Return Scroll20x
100% Movement Speed Scroll1x
3Day Grab Pet1x
1Day Gold time Service Ticket1x
Devil Spirit
5m Gold
200k Skill Points
All Items +8 +BlueSun Weapons

Custom Menu

Custom Shops

Basic Features

Auto Equipment
Free 5 silks every hour
Vote for Free Silks
Free silks for winning in events
SOS Items in shops for cheap price
Nova Items can be acquired from 105-110 level mobs
Advanced Elixirs can be gained from 10dg SUN Items
Collect Silver/Gold Coins from HWT and Job Temple and get EGY Items
Collect Arena Coins from BA/CTF/Daily Quests and some Uniques and get EGY Accessories
Collect Talismans from FGW and get EGY WeaponsHonor buffs can be acquired by jobbing