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Type Cap 100 Free Silk Job Based Long Term Play 2 Win New System Balanced Freetoplay
Location Germany
Last Update15 Feb 2022
Join Date15 Feb 2022


Current Capacity: 5000
Cap: 100
Degree: 10/12
Race: Chinese & European
IP/PC Limit: 3 per player
PC Limit Job: 1
PC Limit CTF: 1
PC Limit BA: 1
PC Limit Job: 1
Guildmember Limit: 32
Unionmember Limit: 2
Solo EXP/SP Rates: 20x
Party EXP/SP Rates: 25x
Drop Rate: 7x
Alchemy Rates: Customized (below more info)
Max Opt.Lv: +11 (+13 with Adv.)
Job Rates: 70x
Monster Respawn: 5x
SOX: New System (Job / Activity / Drop)
Free Silk: From Voting and Activity (Silk/hour & Events)
Battle Arena: Special Coins as reward
Capture the Flag: Magic POP Cards as reward


Balanced Races

Play2Win System

Ingame Jobrank + Job Buffs

Item Linking in Globals

Disabled skill bugs (like wizard, glavier, ..)

New SOX Items, new Glows, new Designs

New Uniques, customized drops

Start with 3 Inventory Pages

Items for Job Contribution

Ingame Lottery (Gold & Silk)