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Type Cap 110 Auto Events Balanced Job Based Job Temple Job Old School D11 FGW Freetoplay
Last Update24 Feb 2021
Join Date24 Feb 2021

Server Info

Greetings, Elitepvpers and all Silkroad Enthusiasts! who searching for a server can guarantee an infinity battle, Waking your willingness to come in a new battle is something that we glad to, Our Archon isn't a thing that we can allow any horde to take it lightly. This If you've enough valor to have an infinity war. Thus If you've enough valor to have an infinity war .. You can continue reading.
We are proud to deliver our upcoming project and we can confidently state that it will have you stunned! We've put in an incredible amount of effort into our new and never-before-seen features. After completing some preparations and careful discussions - we decided it was time to release our piece to the SRO community. With Archon's system, community, and futuristic innovation, we strive to present a new and groundbreaking world of Silkroad Online, which is more enjoyable, active, and entertaining than previous encounters. We're going on wild adventures with wars, fights, and never-ending battles that you are sure to remember for ages!