Shaiya Endless ep5

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Type Pve Boses Farm Pvp Hybrid Endless
Location Finland
Last Update22 Feb 2022
Join Date20 Feb 2022


Hello my fellow Shaiya lovers!
  Today I would like to share a server where I'm currently playing on. A server that brings back those good old memories of the past. Nostalgic in his own way like no other server to offer. If you are a true Shaiya player who loves the nostalgic feeling of grinding, boss hunt, pvp, pve and balanced gameplay, join Shaiya Endless today and experience your nostalgic adventure!


I want to invite all of you to join me on this nostalgic adventure of Shaiya Endless. If you are a true Shaiya lover and would like to join us, please click on the following links:

Discord Server:
Facebook Page:


Server Informations:
Episode: 5 (Hybrid Server)
Type: PvE/PvE/Grinding/Farming/Boss Hunting and much more
Client: Ep3 Login Screen with Ep5 client
Max level: 70
Max Lapis: Lv5 (Edited Stats)
Max Gear/Weapon: Level 70
Kill Rate: x1 (You kill one, you get 1)
Exp Rate: x300 (x500 Weekend)
Coins per online time (Stay online, earn Coins)
Fair Economy Drops and Prices
Max Ele/Sonic/Flash Lv2
No Debuff Lapis
Boss-Timer on Website
Enchant: Max [20] (Edited Stats to balance the gameplay)
Quests: increased exp/gold rate (+Special Rewards)

OI: Everyday 1 hour at 6:00 PM GMT +1
GRB: 2 Days a week
Anti-Cheat: Fair gameplay!


Special Features:
150 Slotted Raids
3 Skill bars
Custom Commands
Right click on items to open NPCS
Name Titles (Be unique)
Notice System
Auto pickup system (Golds/Items)
Nostrums (Edited version)
Costumes (No stats, just style!)
Custom Maps
Balanced factions
And much more…


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