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Version 3.3.5a
Type Custom Content Custom Items Custom Quests Custom Scripts Voting Rewards Trinity ClassLess Bounty Hunter Transmogrifier Custom Commands
United States
Last Update26 Jun 2017
Join Date06 Oct 2015

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Nice Custom content with latest TrinityCore updates, custom commands, learn spells and talents from any class, attribute stats points [str,agil,stamina etc.] wherever you like. Blizzlike untill 80+ , with all item stats doubled, all flight paths open and instant, Creatures have legion models, mounts too. Some custom places available, quests, items, weapons and gear. Main towns have custom NPCs for transmog, morph, bounty system, sex change and custom content teleports. Come join us, explore and enjoy a unique experience. Greetings from your friendly staff

Change Logs
06 Dec 2015
New WOTLK realm is ready and fully scripted :)