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Server Players

13 Anti Cheat 2x 5x Cloth 5x Scrap EAC Active Admins Friendly Admins Custom Plugins Kits VIP Skinbox


10x Gather Kits PVP Modded Custom Plugins Active Admins DynamicCupShare No Decay Zlevels Noob Friendly


X3 Gather Kits Teleport Instacraft Zlevels Better loot Quicksmelt Wipe Every 2 Weeks Zombies Custom Plugins Solo Duo Trio


55 2x 2x Smelt LowPing Active Admins Kits Tp Voting Rewards PVP Custom Plugins Events


1000x gather Active Admins Auto Doors Battlefield Better loot Clans Custom Plugins Dedicated Homes Player Teleportation


10x Gather Tp Instacraft Quicksmelt Kits Clans Custom Plugins Loot SIL


Active Admins Events Trade Modded Custom Plugins Teleport Kits Instacraft


100x Gather Voting Rewards No Stability Custom Plugins and NPCS Custom Maps Call Minicopter Set Home on Monument No Night


100x Gather Bgrades Auto Doors Better loot Doorsharing Economy Custom Plugins Homes No Radiation Player Kits


Kits Clans Quick Smelt Homes Player Teleportation PVP MassLoot x25 Events Custom Plugins


Hardcore 5x Gather Custom Plugins Good Server Rust


2x Smelt 5x Gather Active Admins Active Support Anti Cheat Better Airdrops Arena Custom Plugins Events


2x Smelt Admin Custom Plugins Air Drop Dedicated Wipe


3x Gathering Air Drop Bgrades Clans Custom Plugins Friendly Admins Helicopter Kits Level System Player Teleportation


100000x gather Active Support Custom Plugins Oxide Kits


3x Gathering Active Admin Betterloot Custom Plugins Kits PVP

2x Gather 2x Smelt Active Admins Air Drop Custom Plugins Fast Crafting Kits Level System

2x Gather PVP Modded Custom Plugins Vanilla

2x Gather Active Support Anti Cheat Custom Plugins EasyAntiCheat Friendly Admins No Lag Raid PVP

3x Gathering Custom Plugins Anti Cheat No Lag duo Trade Solo

2x Gather Air Drop Custom Plugins Fast Crafting Remove Loot

Active Admins 3x Gathering Anti Cheat Better loot Essentials Custom Plugins Friendly Noob Friendly Trade Oxide Wipe PVP

2x Gather 2x Smelt Active Admin Anti Hack Anti Cheat Custom Plugins Clock Airdrops Modded Oxide Solo Duo Trio

2x Gather Active Admin Active Support Clans Custom Plugins Solo Duo Trio

3x Player Teleportation Instacraft Kits Starter Kit Airdrops Custom Plugins remove Modded

BiWeekly Wipes Semivanilla No Pay to Win No Kits Noob Friendly Active Admin Dedicated Custom Plugins No Gyro or Scrap Copters Vanilla Rates

Rp Active Admin Active Support Anti Cheat Custom Plugins Level System PVP

2x Gather Active Admin Active Support Auto Doors Clans Instacraft Skins Custom Plugins Stacksize Trade Wipe

5x Gather Active Admin Air Drop Auto Doors Anti Cheat Better loot Bgrades Community Custom Plugins RPG

3x Gathering 3x Smelting Airdrops Active Admin Active Support Auto Doors Better loot Clan Custom Plugins Clock Solo Duo Trio Kits

Active Admin 2x Gather Air Drop Auto Doors Bank Clan Custom Plugins Event Fast Crafting Fast Build

2x Gather 2x Smelt Active Support Airdrops Voteday Better loot Custom Plugins Kits

Active Admins Player Kits Betterloot EasyAntiCheat Starter Kit Custom Plugins Fastcrafting Kits 2x Gather 2x Smelt

3x Modded Friendly Admins Active Admins Custom Plugins Anti Hack Anti Cheat Better loot