Rust Stunts X2

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Discord Discord
Type 2x Monthly Wipe Vanilla PVP Clans
Location United States
Last Update18 Aug 2023
Join Date16 Aug 2023


Rust Stunts X2|Monthly|Vanilla+[NoBPWipe]

Welcome to Rust Stunts. Server Restarts Everyday at 12pm & 12am Central Daylight Time. Server Wipes the First Thursday of Every Month. 1 Hour of Day and 10Mins of night. Click the View Webpage and Checkout Our Webstore. Server owned by YouTuber Ziggy Bro.

*Server Features*

- USA Based
- DDoS Protected
- No Bag Limit
- No Group Limit
- Non Playing Admins
- Lag Free Experience
- Server Saves Every 60 Seconds
- No BP Wipes (Unless forced by Facepunch)
- This server was last wiped on August 3rd, 2023

*Server Plugins*

- BetterLoot.
- Free Skinbox.
- Free SignArtist.
- X2 Stack Size.
- Custom Traders.
- Raidable Bases.
- Faster Crafting.
- Faster Smelting.
- Faster Recycling.
- Brighter Nights.
- Monument Recyclers.
- Lower Supply Drops.
- Auto Turret Authorization.

Help keep our server alive by purchusing our Supporter Package on our webstore.

*Server Rules*

Making signs with sexist or racist content is not allowed and can result in a ban. No cheating or hacking. This means the use of a third party program to gain advantage in the game. You will be banned. Making use of a (known) glitch is also not allowed. Advertising cheating communities will also result in a ban. The use of racist, sexist or other offensive language is not allowed. Server/Admin Hating will not be tolerated doing so will result in an immediate Ban. Our staff are strictly monitored. If you have a problem with one of our staff message our server owner on our Discord.

Also do not talk about hackers or cheaters. Report them through our Discord by directly messaging an admin

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