TreasureRust 10x

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Type 10x Active Admins Anti Cheat Clans Rewards Weekly Wipe Unique Soloduo Noob Friendly Modded
Location Germany
Last Update02 Aug 2023
Join Date02 Aug 2023


Welcome to TreasureRust 10x Solo/Duo

Wipe every Sunday!
BP Wipe first sunday each month!
Max Team size: 2

Our Unique mode:
We want to fullfill your wishes to explore and extract treasures within the Rust World.
A Treasure never comes without a prize. 
Therefor if you are able to hold the highest amount of treasure, until the next wipe. The PRIZE will be rewarded to you.
The treasure for this period 30/7 -> 6/8  is "Baseball Cap

Prizes could be:
VIP (coming soon)
VIP+ (coming soon)
Premium after-wipe Pack
Ressource Pack
Cash prize
More to come.

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