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Website solarnotts.wixsite.com
Discord Discord
Type Noob Friendly SoloDuoTrio GiftsStarter Kit Active Admin Community Build
Last Update09 Mar 2023
Join Date03 Mar 2023


PookieRust is a community-focused server with daily gifts and raiding rules!

We started this server for two reasons.

1. we like to help players get a foothold in the game,
as Rust can be a harsh game for new players.

2. we want to make a server where you can join after a hard day and just chill.
Come to the community safe zone ( Pookie zone ) and have a chat

We love to just chill and have in general a fun time on the server!

Things we offer:
✯—✯—✯—✯—✯ PookieRust ✯—✯—✯—✯—✯
✯—Starter kit
✯—Daily Gift 10PM (CET)
✯—Raiding rules no raiding hours between 12PM and 11AM (CET)
✯—Community-focused events
✯—Ask for help and you shall receive
✯—Monthly wipe
✯—Active admins
✯—PookieZone with Pookies (chosen players) that keep care of the PookieZone
✯—✯—✯—✯—✯ PookieRust ✯—✯—✯—✯—✯

So if you want a hybrid between PvP and PvE with a fun Community save zone where you can have talks and trades then come on by and try out PookieRust!!

✯—✯—Noob Friendly PookieRust—✯—✯