No Way Out PvPvE

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Type PvEvP Zones AI Events Economy No Gun Ammo Craft Backpacks Zlevels 05x Stack 2x Gather Soloduo
Location United States
Last Update06 Aug 2022
Join Date02 Aug 2022



No Way Out! A small community focused on PvPvE gameplay! 

What we offer:

- Custom AI / PvP Zones at all large monuments, with enhanced radiation. 
- Raidable AI Bases, gear up, get good loot, and rare skins!
- Server wide AI Boss based raiding, community events! 
- RPG Leveling system! Get better and faster with your farming!
- Server Rewards, featuring a GUI-shop with useful, and fun choices.
- Clans, team up with your friends and take control of monuments and AI bases.
- All your favorites! 2x G/S, Vehicle Codelocks, Low Decay, + More!
- And a relaxed place to focus on PvE content, with a spice of PvP. 

Try us out, today! [WIPED 8/4]


- Must have fantastic communication skills!
- Sizable knowledge of how rust works inside and out
- Previous Experience running and or moderating a community.
- Be willing to learn how to run events for the server
- Relaxed and professional