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Status Online
Current MapProcedural Map
Last Ping2 minutes 8 seconds ago
Type 2x 2x Gather Active Admin Active Support Fast Smelting Fast Gather Vip
United States
Last Update03 Apr 2021
Join Date03 Apr 2021

Server Info

Welcome to Malo's 2x Quad Monthly Server!
Our server also runs on the best Network & Hardware possible so you wont experience any lag ingame!

  • Server wipes First Thursday of each month.
  • Blueprint wipes First Thursday of each month.
  • 2x Gather Rates.
  • 2x Crafting Speed.
  • 2x Components and Scrap.
  • Group Limit: 4
  • Active Staff.
  • No EAC under 60 days.

Make sure to join our discord server before playing by pressing the view webpage button or by visiting the link

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