Purgatory Earth

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Status Online
Current MapEarthApocalypseV3
Last Ping3 minutes 32 seconds ago
Type 3x Gather Better loot Active Admins Custom Map Skinbox Monthly Wipe Modded Fast Smelting Events Kits
United States
Last Update03 Apr 2021
Join Date03 Apr 2021

Server Info

Its 2030. Viruses mutated, and now left what was once big, thriving cities into rubble and ruin. Businesses destroyed, and a breakdown of global infrastructure led civilization in a panic. Civilization fearing the pandemic raided, pillaged, and horded any supplies they could get their hands on. The world fell into lawlessness. The world population is down to its last 25 percent, The rest infected with what is now known as the Z-Virus. The population infected with the virus turned into things with uncontrollable bloodlust that want nothing other than to kill you. You must fight to survive, rebuild, and flourish. But beware, you are not the only one left alive. There are other survivors looking to do the same and they will do what they need to do to survive. Good Luck!!

**Purgatory Earth**

client.connect or

search for Purgatory Earth in server browser under modded


  • Earth Apocolypse Map with all Monuments.. LIVE NOW!!

  • Everything stored in backpack can carry over to next wipe!!!!!

  • Just Wiped 4.2.2021

  • 48 hr Starter Raid Protection

  • Autokit with gear to give you a fighting chance against Z-Virus infected.

  • Lots of QOL Plugins

  • No Pay To Win

  • Monthly Wipe

  • Friendly Admins, and Noob Friendly

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