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Website yanille.io
Discord Discord
Last Update10 Jun 2023
Join Date10 Jun 2023


HD graphics, Runelite, Over head donator icons, Multiple unique donator zones Unique maps, Custom starter weapons, All raids, Inferno mini-game, Solak, Glod, Seren, Revenant maledictus, Galvek world bosses, Shooting Stars & Crystal Tree events, Automated gambling, Automated tournaments, Last man standing, Wilderness hotspots & events, Bounty Hunter, Achievement Diaries, Quests, Achievements, Weapon Upgrading, Battle pets with special combat boost or perks, Advanced player perk system, Prestige with rewards & perks, Crystalline Slayer, Wilderness Slayer Grotesque Gaurdians, Pest Control, Duel Arena, Mage Arena mini-games & Much More!