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Version 317
Type Inferno Group Ironman Ironman
Location United States
Last Update13 Jan 2023
Join Date22 Dec 2022


Welcome to RectifyRS, an experience like no other!
We have lots of action-packed content, including multiple custom dungeons, custom wilderness boss events, and an active community. We are just starting out but we are a thriving little community.

RectifyRS is a place where you can call home, with daily events, tournaments, and giveaways happening every single day!

Key features include;
- Custom Chambers of Xeric raids
- Complete Working Theatre of Blood raids
- Custom Wilderness Bossing where everyone has a fair shot
- Active PKing
- Custom dungeons including a crystal dungeon where you can make and earn the infamous Crystal Armor Set
- Skilling events every two hours to make sure you get those skilling gains in, for the more casual player
- Multiple XP rates: 250x for the casual player, and the more extreme 5x rate for the players who like a grind. The 5X XP mode comes with an added Drop Rate Increase, so everything is worthwhile.
- Polled suggestions, so you know the player has the final word in what is implemented

Have you ever wanted a community where you can just be yourself and let loose, while still enjoying yourself?
RectifyRS is the place for you.