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Version 317
Type Custom Custom Skilling Custom Bosses Custom Content Custom Home
Last Update02 Jun 2023
Join Date06 Sep 2018

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Use code ::welcomeback for a HUGE starter pack

100+ Players Online | Fully F2P Grind $500 Donation rank FREE + $1000+ In Donation stuff Free | Weekly Updates | Lots of Fun Gambling | Goku and Gogeta World Bosses | All DBZ bosses including Jiren | 50+ Custom Maps | Unique Interfaces | 55+ Grindable Zones | Ice Dragon + Blood Queen Raids | Daily Events | Star Wars | Tower of Horror | Real Unique Content | Amazing Group Ironman Content | Custom Skilling | 4 Years of Uptime and Updates. Longest running Custom RSPS.... NO COPY PASTE HERE

Uber Def

If your looking for a private server that has alot of custom features and mechanics to offer, you've found the right place.

MagePS offers the best custom runescape experience i have ever seen, there is so many zones of npcs to unlock to scale upwards towards the next set of gear, not to mention all the $$$ rewards they offer along they way, to name a few over $500 in donor features as you unlock the different zones, and multiple cash boxes and upgrading rewards.

You should join Mageps today and stop wasting your time on other so called "Best Custom Servers", dive in today and start afk fishing or thieving to earn your first lump sum!

When you download the game, just sign in with any user/pass you like, and dont forget to use ::welcomeback to get a large reward!

Come to MagePS and make some of the best friends you will ever meet in the runescape community, very laid back and chill, Owner updates all the time, very active and helpfull staff, and very helpfull players for the newbies, also staff is always around to give the server extra rewards for regular voting!

Custom Zones| Custom NPC's | Custom Gear | Custom Fashion | Custom Prayers! | Custom Item For Skilling | And More! |

This is a unique server that offers a lot of unique content