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Статус Unknown
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Версия 1.19.2
Тип Faction Survival Pve Survival FullPvP Semi Vanilla Custom Bosses Custom Items
Последнее обновление25 Mar 2023
Дата регистрации06 Mar 2023


Awyega - Custom items, mobs, bosses, dungeons, and more!
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The server utilizes a custom resource pack that will be applied upon joining

We are a new server where you can focus on PvP, adventure on your own, build whatever you want till your hearts content, or join a faction! We offer factions as well as custom items, gear, and skills to keep you invested in the server. We know there are a lot of servers out there you can play on and we appreciate you stopping by and giving us a try. I take any and all suggestions into consideration and am always open to changes. I have also set up a tutorial block in spawn that goes over most of the features of our server.

--- Current Features ---
Great community
Dungeons with custom loot (naturally spawning, some hand placed, and many teleports)
Two arenas to test your skill!
Custom building items and decoration
Custom bosses and mobs
Random structure spawning
Hundreds of random events
Auction House
Other than don't hack there are no rules
Shops GUI
Custom Crates (as well as a free daily one!)
Friendly staff that take all suggestions seriously
Ability to get keys for chests randomly
Custom Armor, Weapons, and Items
Skills to level up your gameplay
Custom enchantments
Jobs & leaderboards
Realistic Fire and Explosions
Levelled Mobs
Custom item drops (rare occassions)
Set Bounties

Feel free to stop by!