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Статус Online
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Версия 1.20.4
Тип Dungeons Custom Bosses Custom Enchants Custom Items Crates Adventure Bosses Challenge Discord Unique
Расположение United States
Последнее обновление28 Apr 2024
Дата регистрации17 Feb 2023


👋Hello and welcome to Fermium MC Survival!

😶‍🌫️If you want to hop on straight and see what the buzz is about here is the IP:


➡️We are small but friendly server community of around 10 players reaching out to you to invite you to join us on our adventures!

➡️We offer extensive amount of features so be sure to read them all as we tackle some things that players want but have to use mods, for example ChestSort which sorts your chests/inventory.

➡️Or want to filter your hoppers and make amazing sorting systems? Filtered hoppers got you covered!

➡️We also have our own Tool Leveling system where tools level up and get enchants naturally (you can still enchant them of course) but eventually they over power normal enchants and go beyond vanilla limits.



Our server offers next features:
➖ Upgradable spawners
➖ Upgradable hoppers
➖ Filtered hoppers
➖ Custom ores (based on terraria)
➖ Custom weapons, armor and tools
➖ Custom items (ex: world expander)
➖ Custom models (ex: furniture)
➖ Infinite blocks (builders love those)
➖ Inv backups (up to 50 per player)
➖ Item recycle (recycle your items)
➖ Tool leveling
➖ Chest sort
➖ Temp fly
➖ Land claims
➖ Quests
➖ Daily quests
➖ Backpacks
➖ Bank
➖ Server map
➖ Builder wands
➖ Sell wands
➖ Chat games
➖ Custom currency
➖ Rotating shop
➖ Jobs
➖ Player warps
➖ Ranks
➖ Shopkeepers
➖ Vote party
➖ Quarries
➖ Skills
➖ Races

❔Did this tickle your pickle?

➡️If so join us at:

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