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Статус Online
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Версия 1.20 1.20.1
Тип SMP Vanilla Survival lgbt Adult Creative Minigames Hermitcraft Dynmap Community LGBTQ
Расположение United Kingdom
Последнее обновление04 Dec 2023
Дата регистрации23 Sep 2021


Searching for a friendly, relaxed and adult group who enjoy survival Minecraft? Want an open minded, LGBTQ+ respecting community to be yourself with? Welcome to Vervain's Arcadia! We offer...

📢 Relaxed Discord Community: Our members are super friendly and open minded, you'll fit right in with us! We're social, easy going and respectful. Talk about all things Minecraft, or vent about your hobbies and real life events with others. Get that private friend group feeling in a safe and active space.

⛏️ Arcadia SMP: This HermitCraft style world boasts a huge map that never resets. Visit glorious community districts, Nether roof ice roads and massive super builds! With a small selection of QoL datapacks, this server is perfect for the active builder. See our server Dynmap. Proximity voice chat available!

⚙️ Creative: Collaborate with other community members on mega builds and concepts before building in the SMP, or simply mess around and have fun with no fear of losing your hard earned items.

Our servers use CoreProtect and other plugins to ensure effortless reversal in the unlikely event of griefing. Strictly 18+, mature adults only! No crates or other p2w rubbish.

Want to learn more? Visit to see what we're about!

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