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Версия Latest 1.18 1.17.x
Тип Towny Earth Geopolitical Geo Economy Factions Survival Geyser Bedrock Gambling
United Kingdom
Последнее обновление30 Nov 2021
Дата регистрации10 Jun 2020


RuleCraft is back! Launched on 30.10.! Join now so you dont miss out!

What RulerCraft offers:

- Full scale world of Earth with all continents, ores and different biomes.

- Can start your own towns and nations or you can join another town or nation.

Cultures & Religions:
- Custom set of cultures and religions to choose from for your towns.

- Dynamic and fair economy: automatic price changes and trading ships scattered around Earth.

- Custom system that gives you different perks based on your role choice. Your role can be upgraded to the next tier for $$$. Many fun roles such as Paladin, Warlord, Beastmaster, Lord, Chieftain, Conquistador and more!

- Players vote on things such as new features, staff promotions, ban appeals and more.

Good community:
- Toxic behavior and excess drama is not tolerated.

Righteous staff:
- Staff are chosen by the players and follow our staff guidelines.

Optional PvP:
- You choose whether to turn on PvP or not. Those with red name have PvP on and can be killed in the wild.

Wars & Neutrality:
- We offer organized battles and sieges for wars. Your town/nation can choose to remain neutral to avoid wars.

- Custom dungeons such as End Temple, with challenging mobs and mazes, which you have to get through to get to the End.

Java & Bedrock support:
- play on any device you want.

Visit our website to see more features and information.

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