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RumScape Official Release
Get ready for the official release of RumScape! Say your final good byes to your loved ones, stock up on the essentials and prepare that portable toilet! We will be going live tomorrow!

Welcome to the official RumScape TopG page!

RumScape Logo

We are one of the newest released OSRS private servers hosted by a dedicated team of experienced staff members and developers, as well as a friendly and entertaining community. RumScape offers players to train all skills including Summoning, Dungeoneering, and Construction to earn their max cape in a stable economy. Slay bosses, complete raids such as Theater of Blood and Chamber of Xeric with active players, and play mini-games. Skill as normal, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman or Hardcore Ironman.

Media RumScape

Features :

• All OSRS Skills
• Flawless Pking
• Stable Economy
• 4 Game Modes
• 25+ Bosses
• Theater of Blood and Chamber of Xeric
• Balanced Mini-games
• 2 Quests and 4 levels of Achievements
• Dedicated developers

Join the community on our Discord where the client download and 24 hour countdown can be found!
Click here to join the Discord!

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