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Sakra - A unique Oldschool Runescape experience!


2024- Hooray! We have been working really hard in 2023 to make Sakra a success and we will continue developing for many years to come. If you want to join the process and be part of our growing community, we will guarantee you a warm welcome. We are a low rate server but of course not as low as the real OSRS. We boosted the loot tables so every NPC in the game is able to drop: 'Mystery Boxes' and 'Crystal keys' and much more. This server is perfect if you enjoy a bit of a grind but not the obnoxious grind of the real OSRS with possibilities of every monster in the game dropping rare unique loot.

We are doing updates daily and organizing events like drop parties, mini-games, gambling happy hours, and combine all these things with an active Discord community and much more to find out! We have a very experienced development team that is dedicated to improving the server day by day.

Special announcement: During the Corona outbreak the whole server is on Double EXP! Take that as an advantage for yourself by start playing right now and climb the high scores quickly. In the discord, there will be weekly events regarding the high scores. Also, every new player is rewarded with 'Three mystery boxes' and '500 free Sakra Bucks'. The free Sakra Bucks is are a temporary reward.

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Change Logs
01 Jul 2020

Update 19:

* Alien shop after you done the shooting star event. Also added lore (storytelling) elements. We will be working on a very unique (mysterious) storyline on Sakra. All these will be small parts of it.
* New teleport network interface. Complete overhaul.
* Fully integrated Quest system with unique quests. From now on we will be working on Storyline and new quests as well.
* Unique Quests, starting with "The Goldigger". Found @ home area
* Crystal Bow Full (No ammo needed, fully working)

* Alien NPC
* Skeletons now have a drop table
* Motherload now has correct requirements
* Poison Spiders now have a drop table
* Giant bats now have a drop table
* Rune shield (h3) now equips in correct slot
* Various Grammar fixes
* Dragon Javelin now gives correct ranger bonus
* Some talisman weren't tradeable, they are now
* Black skirt (g) now equips in correct item slot
* Changed Event board to a different location
* Skeleton Archer & Crystal dragon now drop Crystal Bow full
* Ironman can now shop at Alienstore
* Thermo Smoke Devel

Balance fixes:
* Additional work on Nex.
* Nex buffed little bit. (Reason: We want this to become a group effort not solo,duo)

Work in progress:
* Unique quests
* World announcement for all rare drops
* Additional bug fixes
* New Unique content (no spoilers yet)
Finally here! @everyone