Asteria Survival

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Ultima Verificare7 minutes 11 seconds ago
Versiune 1.19 1.19.x 1.19x
Tip Joc Survival Towny Economy PvE pvp Pve Survival PvP Survival Eco Land Claim Adventure
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare17 Apr 2023
Data inregistrarii26 Feb 2023


Welcome to Asteria Survival


We’re a feature-light survival server built for casual players looking for a challenging, but familiar Minecraft experience. Listed below are the server’s main features and changes:



→ Towny — Play as a team, claim land, and build towns protected from damage by other players or monsters.

→ QuickShop — Create automated shops to buy or sell items with other players.

→ AdvancedEnchantments — Find new enchantments and combine familiar ones to higher levels than normal.



→ Terrain — Additional biomes, higher mountains, mysterious entities, and new items.

→ Monsters — Higher speed, attack damage, and defense.

→ Experience — Passive health and speed boosts by holding higher levels.

→ Enchantments — Higher cost to use enchantment table, but lower cost to use anvil.



→ Discord — Official link available in-game with /discord.

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