InfiniteMC Towny

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Ultima Verificare7 minutes 25 seconds ago
Versiune 1.19.x 1.18.x 1.17.x 1.16.x 1.20.x
Tip Joc Survival Towny Casino Pve Crates Slimefun Balanced Economy Battlepass pyrofishing pyromining
Locatie United Kingdom
Ultima Actualizare15 Mar 2024
Data inregistrarii19 Feb 2023


InfiniteMC Towny

Introducing InfiniteMC

InfiniteMC is a fun community server with tons of entertaining and enjoyable survival options to choose from. We have a large variety of ways you can choose to survive on in Minecraft and we guarantee you will have a complete, unique and enjoyable experience when you join InfiniteMC. The staff and regular players are dedicated on providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players, we hope to see you join us soon!

Java / Bedrock compatibility


Keep inventory
Player shops / Player warps / Player auctions

Pyromining & Pyrofishing
Rank up with in-game money
Free daily crates for voting
Competitive economy

New unique items, more ores and soo much more

Jucatori Online in ultimele 24 de ore

Change Logs
04 Mar 2023

Added Battle Pass

Added Marriage and Adoption

New /trade system for security

Slimefun Exotic Gardens and Infinity Addons

PyroFishing & Pyromining

Added Pinata Vote Party /warp party


28 Sep 2023
  • Added slimefun addon 'Fluffymachines'
  • Added slimefun addon 'Crystamae Historia'
  • Added Extratools slimefun addon
  • Added Networks slimefun addon
  • Added /seen command to Wizard rank +