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Website warrior-wow.com
Discord Discord
Versão 3.3.5a
Tipo Bounty Hunter Custom Instant 255 Max Level 255 PVP PVE
Localização Germany
Última Atualização07 Oct 2022
Data de Entrada07 Oct 2022



Welcome to Warrior-WoW! A Wrath of the Lich King server with custom content, custom features, self-made epic advantures and so much more to offer!

Being a player at Warrior-WoW is an ongoing joy, since the content is vast, the updates are quite regular, the ability to add exclusivity is unmatched and the overall feel throughout the server is extremely warm & family-like.

Warrior-WoW features a dedicated team of developers and staff members alike.

Bugs are getting squashed, new content is being pushed, players are coming in and the cycle continues repeatedly.

We would love for you to ebmark on this journy with us and experience what we're carefully crafted for A LONG period of time!