Heroes of Gods

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Website heroes-of-gods.com
Versão 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King WOTLK
Tipo Instant 80 Custom Commands Custom Scripts No Hacks All Professions Custom World Boss Transmogrifier Voting Rewards Raids
Localização United Kingdom
Última Atualização24 Jun 2021
Data de Entrada21 Jun 2021


Heroes of Gods

Some features from our server:

- 1. Instant 80


- 2. Custom drop system

- 2.1. upgradable

- 2.2. for every character (not on account)


- 3. Custom store for exchange


- 4. Custom God level system

- 4.1. for every level you need God Experience

- 4.2. for every level you get points and you can choose a stat for your character

- 4.3. System is on account! If you create a new character on the same account, the God level will remain!

- 4.4. Exp drop in raids automaticaly

- 4.5. God interface can be triggered by typing in say:  godlevel


- 5. Custom God Experience item


- 6. Blizzlike items but with stats changed :D


- 7. Portable summoning item


- 8. buff command: .buff


- 9. Transmog


- 10. No custom patch! Just put realm and play!


- 11. Last core rev. linux based.


- 12. Secure content, extra security on ports.



What features we planning to release in future?

- 1. Event system triggered by donating mats from every player

- 2. Jackpot system if you pay in mats you have a change (bigger / smaller) to win the jacpot!

- 3. World buffs paid or farmed, and if some one use it, will be on all players from server!

- 4. Maybe some custom items, i will make a poll for this!

- 5. New farming system!!! Tycoon!!!

- 6. New Idle farming system based on hours or minutes!

- 7. And much more ideas from players because we have good devs and we can script anything!

Like you see, we have a lot of new and unique ideas that just need time to be implemented!