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Website tbcwow.co.uk
Discord Discord 1403
Versão 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade
Tipo Burning Crusade Scripted Instant 70 Voting Rewards Custom Events PVP Funserver No Lag Battlegrounds Crossfaction
United Kingdom
Última Atualização11 Mar 2021
Data de Entrada24 Dec 2018



Trailer - https://youtu.be/kl7e-FrksT8

Youtube Channel (Contains Tons of Gameplay Footage) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCld4CR4cHR0BfldErL2aBSw/

Raid Statistics (Thousands of Bosses Slain Every Month)- https://tbcwow.co.uk/home/pve/PVEStatistics.php
PVP Statistics (Battlegrounds Run 24-7) - https://tbcwow.co.uk/home/pvp/index.php
Online Players - (Over 500+ Players Peak Time) https://tbcwow.co.uk/online/index.php

Instant 70, 5 Man-Scripted Raids & Dungeons
Version 2.4.3
Active Arena and Battlegrounds.

-Blizz-like X1 Apart from -
[Professions 10x][Rep 3x][Honor 1.75x][Weapon Skill Instant]
[Alt-Friendly - 4 Rare Drops Instead of 1 On Pre-Raid Dungeon Bosses]

-Crossfaction enabled PVE/PVP/AH
-PvP - Battlegrounds & Arena
-First flying mount 150% flying speed 100% ground.
-Auction bot to stop price inflation and fills any gaps in the market.
-Enchanting Vellums (custom version - enchants can be traded,sold on the AH)
-Professions start at 300 (no vanilla grind required)
++More info on the About/FAQ Page - https://tbc5man.com/about-faq/