DragonMu S18X9999

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Website dragonmu.net
Versão S18 Just Opened Starter gifts
Tipo X99999 Boss Battle Apocalipse sets FO Drop
Última Atualização02 Jan 2023
Data de Entrada30 Aug 2022


DragonMu S18X9999

https://dragonmu.net/ 31.December

Experience: Regular x99999, Master x99999, Majestic x99999

Reset ingame 400lvl stats stays: 10Wcoins, 1000 Ruud Per reset, command: /reset. No reset limit
Grand reset: 150 Resets, 5000 Wcoins reward, Resets burns, stats stays! In website!

Ertel Upgrade rates 100%, just farm the components, All item Level up upgrades 100%
NPC Jewels, Boxes, Exc Weapons, All skills

Get top level and get reward: get 1450 lvl and type ingame: /level1450 to Get Angel & Devil wings
Spots: All maps 5mobs, 1 Hotspot each map 10mobs

PVP servers with NONPVP maps: Arena, Tarkan, Karutan, Deep Dungeon1, Blaze Kethotum
Points per level: regular, Master points per level: 2

StarterGift: Lucky set lvl1 +15, and Panda pet +Panda Ring

Resets: 400lvl in game: /reset
Reset Stats stays
Reset reward: 10Wcoins, 10Goblin Points, 1000 RUUUD
StarterGift: Lucky set +15, Earrings and Panda pet +Panda Ring

Mix rates:
Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
Life: 70%

Chaos machine for regular items & Earrings: 100%
Errtels/Pentas level up: till 100%

[NEW] Brilliant (8th) Mastery Weapons and Shields
[NEW] Apocalypse (9th) Mastery items
[NEW] Crismon Apocalypse Sets
[NEW] Ignis Volcano Map
[NEW] Ignis Volcano Regular and Elite Monsters
[NEW] Illusion Night Jacquard Muun
[NEW] Artifacts System
[NEW] Artifacts Chaos Mix
[NEW] Boss Battle Event
[NEW] Renewed Imperial Guardian Event From 1000lvl
[NEW] Max Master level extended to 1100
[MOD] Renewed Decomposition System
[FIX] MuQuest system has been remade to support all existing quest types and system functionalities