SpeedMu S18P2 X99999

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Website speedmu.net
Versão X99999
Tipo Socket combo Reset rewards Grand Resets
Localização United States
Última Atualização21 Jul 2023
Data de Entrada30 Aug 2022


SpeedMu S18P2 X99999

MuOnline Season 18 X99999 

https://speedmu.net/ Reset server Opening Sunday 28. July

Version Season 18 Part 2-2

Points per level: 9 All characters starts with 4th class!

Reset: Stats stats! 400lvl reward +10Wc +1000 RUUD command /reset

Starter Gift: New pet Ur Blue type /newpet random 2lvl wings box: /letsfly

Gaming style: Hunt/Level No VIP or other items, all items must be created in game or bought on Xshop.

Earn Wcoins for Xshop from: resets, grand resets, ingame bosses, personal store selling!

Exp Regular (Lvl 1-400) 99999x

Exp Master (Lvl 401-800) 99999x

Exp Majestic (Lvl 801-1300) 9999x

Drop 75%

Reset: 400lvl reward +10Wc +1000 RUUD