GlobalMuOnline S18P3

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Versão season18
Tipo X9999 X50 10December New World
United States
Última Atualização11 Feb 2023
Data de Entrada14 Nov 2021


GlobalMuOnline S18P3

GlobalMUOnline Season 18 NEW X50 Server Opening at 10.February New medium/low experience server for longterm grinding/farming!

Startergift: Skeleton ring +Pet 3days + 5x Bless of Light, type: startergift

Opening events:

  1. Get 400level, type /level400 and will get random 2lvl wings box
  2. Get 10resets, type: /reset10 To get Pendant FO

Version: Season 18 Part 1-3

Experience Regular/Master/Majestic: X50

Double Experience on events, events every 1hour!

Resets system: 400 Level * 1kk zen, Stats Burns, Free stats: 500

Grand reset: 350Res, Stats burns: 15'000PlayPoints. Extra: Claim Conqueror badge on 350Resets! 

Ice wind event: Every day 1000Wcoins rewards
Castle siege: Every Sunday, 10'000Wcoins reward!

GP rewards: Each level 1GP

Reset rewards by resets:
0-10: 10Wcoins, 10Gp, 1000Ruud!
11-50: 20Wcoins, 20Gp, 2000Ruud! Custom reset buff: 20% Defense +20% Damage 20% HP
51-150: 30Wcoins, 30Gp, 3000Ruud! Custom reset buff: 30% Defense +30% Damage 30% HP
151-250: 40Wcoins, 40Gp, 4000Ruud! Custom reset buff: 40% Defense +40% Damage 40% HP
251-350: 50Wcoins, 50Gp, 5000Ruud!  Custom reset buff: 50% Defense +50% Damage 50% HP

Drops on All maps:

Pets: Panda, Skeleton, Pet unicorn, Demon, Spirit of Guardian
Silver, Gold medals: Items, Weapons +11+13
Box of Luck: Jewels
Chocolate/Candy boxes: Exc items and weapons/Ancient items
800+level maps: Ruud Boxes
800+level maps: Mithrils
800+level maps: Goblin Treasure boxes    
Kantruru underground: Silver Golden Keys

Extra drop - Experience bottles: Mini bosses Roosters that spawn in Lorencia every 3hours, (spawn is announced) drop experience bottles, by using them players get experience and level! Bottles are tradable and sellable!