MuKings S16 NoRes

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Website Website
Versão Season 16
Tipo Starter Giftcodes Easy Loot 10x NORESET
Última Atualização14 Feb 2021
Data de Entrada13 Dec 2019


MuKings Season 16 NoReset server opening 19.February!

Server configuration is made that players would not need months to reach maximum level 1300, it is made to fun and exciting with keeping game economy and exiting hunting and grinding!

    There are small spots (3-4 monsters) all maps with
    1 hotspot (5-7 monsters) every map as well!

The server will start with 1PVP server and 1NOPVP server and will be added PVP/NOPVP if needed! PVP server Experience: x12 /NOPVP Server  Experience x10

Starter gifts for all players
Free gift for players: Mini wings and Weapons +Excellent Damage 10%
Extra GIFT: Type in-game /startergift and receive 3days Skeleton pet, Skeleton Transformation ring, Deamon and Guardian and 1st Lucky Set Tickets!

The server is build that everyone can grind/farm good gear/weapons/wings just by playing the game without investing ages on that and with gift bonuses, players can easily conquer all maps till majestic level! Great for casual gaming to feel mu online how it is supposed to be: Without Resets! Offlevel feature is available for all players!