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Último Ping9 minutes 44 seconds ago
Versão 1.20.x
Tipo Survival No pvp Land Claim no economy Tpa Sethome Vanilla Survival Vanilla Chill Community
Última Atualização27 Oct 2023
Data de Entrada20 Aug 2023


Looking for a super simple SMP experience? Don’t like those super modded, plug-in heavy servers?

Well, come login to SmolCraft!

Brand spanking NEW vanilla server (with some quality of life plugins)

We go back to the basics! You have access to /tpa /homeset and /claim and a few other commands.

Pvp is enabled, you can /pvp at anytime to toggle it on/off.

No economy! We don’t like seeing the amount of arguments and trolling that happens on economy servers, we strive to keep this drama free! We want to see what you can build by actually playing the game! Bragging rights are earned.

We have a voting reward system instead of an economy! Make sure to login and vote to get points for the Voteshop! Monthly and Weekly rewards for top voters are WORTH IT.

We do have a few donor ranks for those looking for some extra perks, or just donate to donate, to keep the server going.

We will be looking forward to your EARNED accomplishments!

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