Licentia Anarchy

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Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.20.1
Tipo Multiplayer Survival Massivepvp Anarchy Build
Localização United States
Última Atualização17 Aug 2023
Data de Entrada07 Feb 2023


Licentia Anarchy

---- Licentia Anarchy ----

A True Anarchy experience with a twist, Licentia Anarchy is a server focusing on the classic aspects of the minecraft Anarchy genre. However Licentia has some features that are commonly not associated with Anarchy Servers, such as TPA and the ability to set a home. Our community focuses staying true to having zero rules but maxium enjoyment, you can use hacked clients, addons such as baritone or bots without fearing retribution from the admins, in fact we encourage players to use such things. Licentia has no anti-cheat meaning the sky is truly the limit. Join today!