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Status Online
Último Ping21 minutes 47 seconds ago
Versão 1.17.1
Tipo AntiGrief Survival Creative Skyblock Economy PVP Minigames KitPvP Prison AntiHack
United States
Última Atualização22 Jul 2021
Data de Entrada15 Aug 2020


Welcome to BudderCraft! This server is in its Beta phase and may be prone to bugs. Currently, we are on 1.17.1.
What do we have? Not that much, but they all work!(or they should lol)
- Survival
- Creative plots
- Survival Games
- Skywars
- Bedwars
- Spleef
- Skyblock
- KitPvP
- Prison

Feel free to join and have fun! but remember the rules!

1. No hacking
2. No griefing
3. Light,non-offensive swearing is allowed
4. No harassment in any form
5. No advertising
6. No NSFW/inappropriate content
7. No spam (including Lag Machines)
8. Don't beg the mods for stuff
9. No duping or used of banned machines(if it can't be traditionally farmed (eg iron or gunpowder), it's not allowed)
10. Don't complain to the mods unless its for a good reason
11. Use 1 account

That's it! feel free to check us out!

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