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IP do Servidor
Website tatomc.com
Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão java bedrock 1.19.2 1.19
Tipo Vanilla Survival Survival Creative Economy MCMMO Pets Land Claim Java
Localização United Kingdom
Última Atualização03 Sep 2022
Data de Entrada21 May 2020


* Server is running in the UK, 1.19 Cross-platform (Java Edition, Pocket Edition/Bedrock Edition)

Everyone is welcome! From all regions and all languages!

* Server IP Java: play.tatomc.com
* Server IP for Bedrock/Pocket edition: be.tatomc.com , and the port is  "40123" port
Website: https://tatomc.com
Discord: https://discord.tatomc.com

- We have spawn, a safe place where you can meet other people and buy/sell to server shops
- We have normal vanilla Survival World, and Creative World where you can build freely with worldEdit and a Survival Fantasy World which is survival but has custom biomes and epic mobs.
- You will never lose your builds, or items during server reset. Even if we update to newer version of minecraft, you get to keep your items and I will move over your builds to the new map if you want and terrain it so it fits nicely.
- Teleport to players and to player warps
- Protect your lands, and choose permissions for your land, you can choose who can build in your land
- Ability to make a town, you can make plots in your main land to make a town or a mall or where ever your creativity takes you
- Ability to turn on/off keep inventory.
- PVP is togglable, you can turn on or off pvp, and even when it is on you are not allowed to kill anyone without their permission to fight
- Ability to chat between discord and minecraft server! so you can talk to your friends in game while you are away, from discord!
- And much more!

Our Rules: You can find our rules in this discord channel: https://rules.tatomc.com