Asterinian PW

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Website Website
Version 1.5.5
Type Bug Cast Free To Play PVP Medium Rates Customs Custom Gear
Last Update24 Apr 2020
Join Date24 Apr 2020

Server Info

Asterinian is a server made with soul. This server offers you a large number of in-game modifications, a varied gameplay that can delay.

About server:
★ Version 1.5.5
★ Maximum level 180
★ All major locations works
★ 6 races, 12 classes
★ No cards, no rebirths
★ The ability to bug cast and 5.0

At startup:
★ 100 level
★ Spirit and RMB
★ x999999 event gold
★ 99, custon equipment

★ Individual character leveling system
★ Respect performed from pre-quest to hell / paradise
★ A large number of new sets of equipment
★ More than 50 new bosses, including world bosses
★ Many new daily and regular tasks
★ Updated:
★★ Buddha Tower
★★ TW
★★ DB
★★ TB
★★ Flowsilver palace
★★ House
★★ Wraithgate
and many others...