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Website Website
Discord Discord
Type Relax Solo Multiplayer Standard Taiko Catch Mania cs 0
United Kingdom
Last Update15 Sep 2021
Join Date06 Dec 2020


Welcome back to the original cs-0 server!


Nekosu is the best server for many things such as farming cs-0 maps, Submitting scores on usually unranked maps and actually communicating with our active staff team.


We have all official cs-0 maps (permission given from original mappers) ranked and the other less official sets loved! Come play against the competiton and go for the #1 spot! We are also one of the fastest public servers in terms of server speed so you can waste no time logging in and get playing immedately!


We have ranked relax, autopilot and cs-0 maps! So why not come and give our server a try?