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Website Website
Discord Discord
Type Relax Solo Multiplayer Standard Taiko Catch Mania cs 0
United Kingdom
Last Update22 May 2021
Join Date06 Dec 2020


Welcome to Nekosu! Nekosu! is the only fully free to play osu! server!!

Name changes and wipes are completely free.

The only way to get donor is to join our Discord server (where we regularly hold giveaways)

We are also one of the fastest growing osu! private servers with a strong community of almost 1100 members!

If you don't like playing here feel free to shoot me a dm on discord (matty#4458) about how I can make the server a better place for everyone.

If you are sick of servers that are harsh on things like use of ingame chat or servers that are very strict with bans then I reccomend you join here! Basically all bans can be revoked if you give a good enough reason. In terms of cheating appeals if you send a valid liveplay showing you aren't cheating (which you can do at any time) you will most likely be unbanned immediately. On the rare occasion that you aren't, the staff team may request a liveplay on a specific map or with a different camera angle that shows everything. With multiaccounting if you have a valid reason you will be unrestricted after 14 days (but you can appeal at any time)