WarGodz MU S6E 500x

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Website wargodzmu.online
Version Season 6
Type 500x
Location United Kingdom
Last Update21 Mar 2023
Join Date21 Mar 2023


Server Information:
Version: Season 6
General Exp: 500x
Max Reset: 10
ML Exp: 10x
ML Max Lvl: 600
Max Exc Opt: Full Opt
Item Drop: 50%
Exc Rate: Huntable up to +15 + FO
Anc+Exc : Yes
Exc+Socket: Yes
Set Zen: Yes
Event Item Rewards: Up to +15 + 3opt
Allow JOH: Yes
Reset Rewards: Yes
Online Time Rewards: Yes
Off-level: Yes
Real Money Trading Allowed!            
Balanced PVP 
Stat-based build 
Unlimited Item combinations 
Active Server with Friendly GMs!