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Version Season 7 Season 6
Type 99999x Balanced Pvp Community Dedicated Grand Resets Long Term Play To Win Resets Vip
Location Singapore
Last Update05 Jun 2022
Join Date05 Jun 2022


AltaireMU Season ex700

Play to Win | Premium Files | All items farmable | 99999x exp Dynamic

About AltaireMU:

We aim to become a progressive server that implore season correct items as much as possible and to update files to next season. AltaireMU was developed to cater to players that want the nostalgic feel of only having original items (no custom items) whilst having a modern feel to the game. Server is DDOS protected and has premium Anti Hack system.


Server Info: 

Season 6 files upgraded to ex700. Premium Louis Files. All items are farmable, coins (wcc and wcp) are farmable also via boss monsters, events and grand resets. X shop contains all items. Special PvP map is available for those pvp maniacs. Dare to compare.


Basic Info:

Season ex700

(s6 upgraded to ex700)

Premium Louis Files

Host: Singapore


Max Stats: 32767

Max ML: 360

Extended ML

Max Options: FO

Max Sockets: 3 sockets (NO KSET)

Latest Ancient: T2 ancients

Latest Socketed items: S4

Max Wings: 3rd Wings

Accessories: no custom

Flinch: ON (Low Rate)

Freebies: 380 set, divine weap, exce acc, 2nd wings

Progressive Server

Plans to be season correct items only

Will add new maps, features in the future.

Adjusted 2nd wing def same as 3rd wings

Adjusted T1 Ancients stats

Buffed 380 weaps

All items farmable

Loren Valley Invasion activated on cs server.

Offstore activated Market Server

Auto Party Feature on Especial Menu

Global Store Feature on Especial Menu

Exclusive item on Grand reset coins (not avail in donate or loot)

PvP Custom map Available

Balanced PvP across 7 classes.

BK: Combo on

DL: Timings and skill cooldown ON

SM: Timings and skill cooldown ON (experimental but balanced asf)