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Last Update01 Dec 2020
Join Date20 Apr 2017


Dear community, HikariMt2 has been online for 8 years now, except for a reset in 2017. But now the time has come to open a new chapter. We have taken the numerous suggestions for improvement from the community very much to heart and have put HikariMt2 technically on new feet and completely modernized it. Of course this includes new equipment, new costumes, pets and mounts as well as various new systems. During the modernization we also cinsidered many user requests and build in for example an improved switchbot, a pickup system, new unique runs and much more. These are only a fraction of the highlights of HikariMt2 Especially for the pvm are we've put a lot of effort to create a pleasant and varied gameplay. It is important to us that there is no boredom at any time and we have achieved this by combining leveling, farming, crafting, questing and mission completion. This time we have paid special attention to the PvP system, with seperate equipment for PvM and PvP starting at level 50. The weapons are equipped with dss/fks and the rest of the equipment has no excessive bonuses. Thus we create a balanced, but still individual PvP feeling.
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