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Website Website
Version Prelude Of War
Type Fun
Last Update23 Sep 2021
Join Date11 Jun 2021


Hello, all Lineage 2 game lovers!
We invite you! for the complex of game servers "Lineage 2"
Here you will find an open server Lineage 2 Homunculus with rates x50 and Pantheon x10 with the largest pantheon mods!
Our project promises you - The highest online! The best technical support! New content every week! Your unique developments!
Also on October 09, we are opening the third game server - Lineage 2 Return of the Queen Ant ch.2 with x50 rates!
Balanced rates for comfortable development of the hero.
Best Server of 2021 - Highest online among all Lineage 2 Return of the Queen Ant ch.2 servers.
Choosing our server for the game, you get a 100% guarantee of stable operation throughout the entire game time.
The server is reliably protected from bots, and also has the most modern equipment to repel all types of DDos attacks.
A cozy atmosphere, a strong and stable economy, no purchased clans, high online solo players and the best implementation of Return of the Queen Ant ch.2 chronicles in Java await you.
We took into account all the wishes of the players and the concept of this server will primarily be focused on massive every minute battles.
However, we have not forgotten about the players who like to farm locations and the Olympics.
New events on the server every week!
Unofficial in-house developments.
Every month, its own content that will not let you get bored!
Participate in various promotions, get bonuses for the development of your character!
The server has a bonus start - for beginners!
We are waiting for you! and your friends!