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Last Update23 Mar 2021
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What is Multi Profession? Multi Profession is not a standard system of character development. Now, each player can learn skills of any profession for SP. Every character can combine a warrior, mage or buffer on our server. You no longer need to open multiple windows and develop several characters.What is REMASTERED version? These are the best mechanics and game solutions from different chronicles combined together. The Remastered version receives regular updates, developing alternatively from other versions of the game.Parameters of all professions and races: for all Warriors STR 40, DEX 30, CON 40, INT 22, WIT 16, MEN 25. For all Mages STR 20, DEX 20, CON 28, INT 40, WIT 20, MEN 40.
This will allow to play on the server with any race without sacrificing the initial characteristics, while the division between warrior / mage remains.