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Version Interlude
Type Global GK GM Shop Mid Rate No Custom NPC Buffer Offline Shop Nolag Retail
Last Update14 Apr 2020
Join Date14 Apr 2020


Full server Description Interlude x50
Opening May 1 at 19:00 (GMT+2) Open Test of the server will be available from April 21 18:00 (GMT+2)
Check current time

Xp = 50.

Sp = 50.

Drop = 30.

Adena = 10.

SealStones = 5.

Spoil = 15.

RaidBoss Drop = 5.

Epic RaidBoss Drop = 1.

Manor = 5.

Game Play
What awaits you in the beginning

All characters start with top no grade armor + weapon + soul / spirit shots

In all towns - villages where characters appear there are all necessary NPCs

Player control panel command in game .cfg .menu

To configure auto use Cp Hp Mp potions command in game .acp

GM Shop: up to B grade

A-Grade recipes: awailabla at gmshop for adena

Mana Potions: 1000mp reuse 10sec

Updates: Every week

Unique protection against hacking your data

Blue Champion mobs is x10 hp - drop 1 festival adena 100%

Red Champion mobs is x50 hp - drop 5 festival adena 100%

The command /unstuck cast 15 seconds

Weight limit increased x20

Flames of Invincibility (Alliance UD) 30 seconds

Official chance of enchant safe +3 fullbody armor +4

Offline shop & craft by command .offline

Change password command in game .password

Tyrannosaurus drop Top Grade Life Stone chance is 30%

Life stone skill chance Top-10% High-7% Mid-5% Ng-1%

Game Currency
Adena - you can get it by killing Monsters in the game world.

Festival Adena - you can get it by killing Champion Monsters in the game world.

Coin of Luck - special currency players can receive by supporting us (for premium). (Donation)

Vote Coin - received for Voting on our server,

Changes in Quests
Relics of the Old Empire = 4-10
Gather The Flames =

Alliance with the Ketra Orcs = 5

Alliance with the Varka Silenos = 5

War with Ketra Orcs = 10

War with the Varka Silenos = 10
The Finest Food =

A Powerful Primeval Creature =

Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe =

Legacy of Insolence = 5-10

Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1 = 3

Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2 = 3

Seekers of the Holy Grail = 5
Guardians of the Holy Grail =

The Zero Hour = 

Delicious Top Choice Meat =

Heart in Search of Power =

In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension =

Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force =

A Game of Cards =

Seductive Whispers =

Yoke of the Past =

Epic Raid Boss
At the start of the server all Epic Bosses will be alive

Zaken: 48 hrs + random 2 hrs

Valakas: 11 days (Fixed respawn from 23:00 to 00:00 gmt+2)

Core: 36 hrs + random 4 hrs

Ofren: 36 hrs + random 4 hrs

Baium: 5 days (Fixed respawn from 22:00 to 23:00 gmt+2)

Antharas: 8 days (Fixed respawn from 23:00 to 00:00 gmt+2)

Ant Queen: 24 hrs + random 1 hrs

Frintezza: 2 days (Fixed respawn from 22:00 to 23:00 gmt+2)

Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Noblesse Boss): 3 hrs + random 30 minutes

Command in game to check status .epic

Automatic Events & Rewards
LH (Last Hero)

DM (Death Match)

TvT (Team vs Team)

CTF (Capture the Flag)

Reward is Event coins, tradable in event shop

Server Commands








.help show you all available commands

Class, Subclass, Noblesse
1st class transfer quest (20+ lvl) - reward 2kk adena

2nd class transfer quest (40+ lvl) - reward 6kk adena

3rd class transfer quest (76+ lvl) - cost: 50.000.000 reward: 1 Book of Giants + VIP Buff Coin for 3 Hours

Sub class without quest - max 3 subs

Minimum level to add subclass 75

Any Subclass manager show all sub class list

Simplified quest Noblesse. Reagents are sold in GmShop

Flame Of Splendor Barakiel - respawn time 3 hours +- 30 minutes random

Hot Springs Buffs Malaria Cholera Flu Rheumatism

All buffs, dances, songs, full recovery Mp, Hp, Cp & buffs for pets

Number of slots: 36+4, Duration 2 hours

Debuffs - 8

VIP buffs is free for Premium Members

Vip Buffs + Resists cost 1 Festival adena per Buff

All champion mobs drop Festival adena with chance 100%

Also premium buff token is available for the players from Vote Shop

Easy system to save your own buff profile up to 15 profiles
How to save profile? Just apply buffs on you, enter the profile name and save it

Service market provides the opportunity to trade items for the alternative currency Adena - Gold Bar - Coin of Luck

On our market you can buy from other players or sell themselves any item from your inventory which may transmit For example enchanted weapon - armor - jewelry and popular consumables
Possible sale of augmented weapons

Siege and bonus for capturing
Aden Castle 1st siege reward 100€ or 300 COL (in your choise)

Giran Castle 1st siege reward 300 COL

More castles with reward will be added later (depending on the online)

Olympiad games every day 18:00 - 24:00 GMT+3

Until the opening some changes can be made

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