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Status Online
Current Mapcinema_gcinema_hq
Last Ping10 minutes 49 seconds ago
Version 14.07.10
Type Cinema
United States
Last Update18 May 2015
Join Date17 May 2015


Oh great, another server with Cinema straight out of github
Nope! We don't share anything with it other than using PlayX (and the concept).
We also have a small community that started back on GM12, which you're more than welcome to join, and a custom map (that will get updated soon). All waiting for people who want to watch funny videos on YouTube.

Hmh, only YT? Seems small...
Nope, we also support SoundcloudKissAnimeKissCartoon, some experimental ones (like twitchhitboxviooz and even Google Drive!). And this list only gets bigger.

kissanime-- wait what, are you one of those weeaboo servers??
We don't consider us 'anime-oriented', or 'pony-oriented', or '-oriented'. We try to add stuff from all fandoms, so that you can have a good time, no matter what your preferences are.
Good time, meaning, we don't like assholes flaming. Our handpicked staff always tries to get rid of all the bad apples that might want to screw your experience.

Yeah, just let me get my credit card and we'll see that 'handpicked'--
Nuh uh. It doesn't work that way. Every member of the staff needs to be active on the server, have a reasonable amount of existing admins to vouch for him/her, and be registered on the forums for some time.
Every action is logged, for the security of users (no admin abuse) and admins (no trolls). And if you ever need to report someone, we have both on-server tools and forum ones for that. Or you can just steam-friend your nearest admin and tell them.

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