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Type 2D MMORPG RPG Adventure Free Fantasy
Location Brazil
Last Update07 Mar 2023
Join Date22 Apr 2022


In a distant world, in half dimensions, there is Mystical, a world inhabited by countless races, some unknown until the present times. The Crown needs to deal with the creature infestation problem! Dark mages and demons are behind diabolical plans.
The World of Mystical needs a Hunter capable of facing countless creatures, bosses and enigmatic quests, the Crown which is the sovereign power of humans in the world of Mystical, has created a fraternity of adventurers to deal with the creatures that are appearing all over the world. world, causing disorder and chaos. This brotherhood was called the Hunters Guild, and you, you will be a brave hero of the crown, you will be a hunter and you will face terrible entities and creatures, solve puzzles and even solve diplomatic problems between provinces, the world of Mystical is vast, and you can explore in search of adventures.

Classes Available in Mystical
Combatant: Strong, Heavy and Aggressive! A warrior who uses heavy armor, shield, sword, axes, maces and hammers!
Sorcerers: A lover of elemental magic capable of harnessing the elements of nature to produce Spells.
Caster: A great archer with agility, uses bows, spears, shurikens and throwing axes.
Executioner: An agile assassin who kills his victims with daggers, spears, rapiers, and sabers.
Divinator: A member of the clergy devoted to countless Gods, uses support spells to protect those who follow.
Hybrid: Class Available in the current trial version, with it it is possible to equip items of any class.