Producers Traders

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Type Business Simulation
Location Germany
Last Update10 Aug 2022
Join Date25 Mar 2022


Come in the world of Producers and Traders and become your own boss. This game is all about:
Build your own empire out of many different buildings. What do you want to do? Stock farming? Agriculture? Electronics? Or do you even prefer to be a fashion designer?
There are over 200 different products that can be produced in different qualities. Work together with other players or build up your own production chain.
Sell your products to non player characters or trade with real players and get the best price. Send agreements for sale or offer your products in the forum or in the chat.

Change Logs
10 Aug 2022

Grab your spade and build your new first building in the new 4th city in the browser game Producers & Traders. On Sunday 14.8.22 at 12 o'clock this city Mooshain in the Schottertal opens its doors. Every manager will receive a free building permit for the new city and can start right away.
In the update 3.0 , which is imported on 14.8.2022 between 10 o'clock and 12 o'clock, the new, 4th city Mooshain with 1 million new inhabitants comes into the game. This city is waiting to be taken care of by energetic managers. Build your first stores in Mooshain
and let energetic managers supply you. With stores you earn gravel in the gravel valley .
All stores of level 0 and 1 can be built immediately, the higher levels will be unlocked when you provide for more inhabitants in Mooshain. For every 500,000 inhabitants, another level of stores is unlocked.

In Mooshain there are exclusive raw materials, which can only be produced on the map of the
new city. There are also new products that are unlocked little by little. These products can be produced everywhere but need raw materials from Mooshain. Therefore, take the chance and build in all cities over time .
Furthermore, some things have been fixed in version 3.0 , such as better map views, better beginner options, improved return bonus , new records and many small construction sites.

Have fun in the grove of moss where the dough flows and the gravel rolls.

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