Type Browser TextBased MMORPG Free Games Gaming RPG
Location United States
Last Update31 Dec 2023
Join Date22 Feb 2020


MafiaShot is a text based Mafia style MMORPG games which can be extremely addictive to play and once you have started you may find it very difficult to stop participating indeed.

New players start off at a lower rank and have lesser stats but by taking part in the many varied activities and working hard, can quickly rise up through the ranks of power.

Players need to be constantly looking over their shoulder, there are many who would see you dead and like the real Mafiosa you need to be on top of your game.

The secret to success in playing is to do it on a regular basis, you do not have to play for hours at a time (definitely will help though) but rather log in frequently and do your thing.

There are many activities inside and a vast world of crime to explore and you will need to take advantage of everything if you expect to be the top dog around here!