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Version Iris Online
Location United States
Last Update09 Aug 2022
Join Date03 Mar 2011


IRIS ONLINE server on dedicated hardware with high bandwidth and speeds. 

We have been online for more than 3 years now with no extended downtime. We have a large and friendly community active both in the game and at our website. Development is ongoing with new items and features being added all the time.

We currently have the server set as 15x EXP/SXP and Drops and 15x Gold, 20x Quest EXP/SXP/Gold, increasedenchant success rate. All of the rates have been customised. Level 1-5 has been slowed down a bit to introduce the player to the game properly and new players will receive a free mount and a bunch of other goodies to get them started.

Every premium unique item in the game such as mounts, costumes, bag expansion, potions and cards have been added to the traders in Terminus and they can be purchased with Gold or our very own currency, Scrubs Tears. You get 2 Scrubs Tears every hour you are online and you can also vote for us every 12 hours to receive more. Donations to help toward the hosting costs are available and you will receive a gift of Scrubs Moolah which can be used to buy items from the Moolah vendor. 

* Level cap raised to 85 * Normal monsters have a chance of dropping rare/unique/epic items * More mounts, custom weapons, accessories and armour sets added to the PVP vendor for battlefield points * Active development * Friendly GMs always online and arranging events.

We have added a new dungeon loot system to the game, where you can obtain Trophies from bosses as well as very high chances of chests containing rare and unique items. The Trophies can be exchanged for the full range of level 50/60/65/70/75 epic loot at the new vendors in Terminus.
NEW: Guard Snow Mountain - stage based dungeon.NEW: World Boss - Frigid Queen Glaceon (level 87).NEW: Treasure Bandits sytem. These guys spawn after you farm for a period of time and drop cashshop costumes and mounts.NEW: Couples system - players can now declare their love for eachother and get free stats boosting drops and money gain.NEW: Solo/Duo dungeon - The Magic Tower. 10 floors filled with monsters awarding high experience, money and tokens to spend at the new vendor.NEW: The Fire Pit - new map with twice-daily automatic PVP event to win the chest containing cash.NEW: New Free4All PvP map - Crystal Tower.NEW: Fame Crown weekly ranking and reward system.NEW: Honor Crown weekly ranking and reward system.NEW: Extra costume slot for cloaks.NEW: Increased inventory space and extra skill bar.NEW: Brand new battlefield, Capture the Flag.NEW: Brand new end-game 6-man dungeon, Golden Temple.NEW: Insane Crystalisk raid dungeon.NEW: Brand new capture the point battlefield, Battle of Atlantis.NEW: 3rd jobs with brand new, unique skills.NEW: Vanity pets and balloons accessories.NEW: Cloaks and flags back costumes.NEW: Level 85 chain quest for armor sets and weapons.NEW: World bosses Enraged Tundro, Enraged Sakun, Pirate Bob and more on the way soon.NEW: Temple of Atlantis Hard mode dungeon.NEW: Circus Insane mode dungeon.NEW: Level cap raised to 85.NEW: Insane Wood Garden dungeon.NEW: World Boss Nereus, drops brand new weapons and accessories.NEW: Brand new dungeon, Lost Temple of Atlantis.NEW: 4 new high-level maps with brand new monsters and quests.NEW: Custom costume sets with set effects.NEW: Custom quest chains to get brand new armour sets and weapons.NEW: World Boss Livid, drops 25 brand new weapons with fun skins.NEW: World Boss Ulric, drops brand new custom weapons with awesome glow effects.NEW: Insane Laioha and Decomus dungeons.NEW: New Raid Encounter - Crystalisk.NEW: Brand new dungeon, Time Lost Caverns!NEW: Level 65, 70 and 75 PVP armor sets and weapons for Battlefield points.NEW: Level 75 version of Circus Hard mode Dungeon.NEW: Level 65-75 map Nightfall Shelter with new quests.NEW: Level 75 raid encounter, Cringer.NEW: Level cap raised to 75.NEW: Hundreds of new quests for Wood Garden and the new maps/areas.NEW: Vortex Dungeon added with 3 difficulty modes.NEW: Level 75 world boss, Lost Mysterion.NEW: 2 new maps added to the game, one for 65-70 questing and levelling and another elite map where all the monsters drop Scrubs Trophies along with the new rare/unique/epic armour sets and weapons.NEW: 4 new tiers of rare/unique/epic armour, accessories and weapons.NEW: Latest mounts, costumes and accessories added to the vendors.NEW: Wood Garden Hard mode dungeon is now open.NEW: Level 65 Raid version of Queen Glaceon now active.

Please visit our website at for up to date information and to join the fun!

Change Logs
01 Feb 2014
Added new Battlefield - Aeterna Capture the Flag Added new Tarot Fortune Stall feature